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Gentlemen, gentlemen. Lower please.

Fred O
31 October
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Hey, this is Fred: The constant punk rock listening, squash playing, Thom Browne-y, Long Island flamboyant gay. I'm still preppy, but not so much... Irish, but not so much & into the arts, but you know... not so much. I still drink the same drinks depending on the season, Rogue & Smithwick's for beer, a Pimm's Cup, Dark & Stormy, and Irish coffee. I commute to work two days a week, other days I work from home, which translate into me spending too much time with friends and lovers. Other than that I'm your not-so-average NYU grad who doesn't even use his degree, party throwing, beach going kind of guy. Did I mention that I'm gay?

I realize that I'm now employed, out of the school days/daze for quite a few years now. But I still can't help but keep this old "profile" too:

I love my dirt bike (obsessed with moto-x). President of Future Lackys of America who protest the RNC. Liberal here, yes very much in that way! So I'm an aggro-skater who is constantly pulling hollywoods wherever he can with his best buds. We are otherwise known as the Suicide Society...These are my dudes: don't you forget it! Mrs. Grainger and O'Doul's or Beck's? and Mr. Pink, who just happen to permanently occupy my basement. This is where we have shed tears and cheers for the Yankees, and the World Cups, we love futbol. I love futbol, Ireland all the way. To hell with both of you, Aaron and Bri, because every year your asses are mine come St. Patty's Day.

Joe Strummer is Sexy Love.

By cafe405